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Drone, drone…groan?

So just about every video you see now has drone footage. Are we over using this new device just for the sake of it? What about Cranes, Jibs… Grips! So what is this type of shot (high and wide) used for traditionally in film making, Well let’s look at film basics; Firstly you want to…

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Everything you ever wanted to know about pitching for new business but were afraid to ask

When you’re at that BBQ and we start chatting about the ridiculous cost of private school fees not to mention Mitsy’s Jazz Ballet classes it inevitably comes around to that thorny topic that gives everyone gastric reflux. How do we increase our success rate when chasing new leads that could ultimately become new business? Every…

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Tech Talk With Robbo

It’s first thing in the morning and I’ve just turned on my computer with coffee in hand and the 1st email is from DJI informing me of their newest gimbal, the, Ronin S… Hmmm looks interesting let’s take a look… As we know gimbals over the past 5 years have become a main player in…

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A Technical Note

What excites me every morning arriving in the office and turning on my computer, is what new newsletter from the technical sites I subscribe to will bring to my morning coffee. Maybe a firmware update to a camera, an Adobe update to Premiere Pro or After FX. Pure indulgence for my early morning starts. Two…

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Frog Man VS Decontamination Man video

When updating the work on our website we came to the discussion of what pieces of work we should include on the amended show-reel video and which ones come off? I feel like the match committee of a footy club deciding who comes into the team and who goes out. Like the coach, it’s the…

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